We Have the Equipment You Need

We Have the Equipment You Need

Talk to us about concrete resurfacing machinery

When you need to give your floors a fresh start, talk to us about concrete resurfacing. Maverick Surface Preparations LLC offers four machines that will return your floors to new, natural concrete.

If you're interested in removing carpet glue, wood glue or tile adhesives or refinishing an existing concrete or epoxy floor, preparation is king! Let our machines do the work you need to remove everything on the surface. Our machinery will:

  • Remove glue
  • Remove mortar
  • Eliminate stains
  • Polish concrete
  • Open up pours

Our machines range from 18 to 30 inches based on the size of your projects. Contact Maverick Surface Preparations today to learn more about our concrete resurfacing machines.

Get what you need for residential or commercial flooring jobs

We have different-sized machines for different projects. Our smaller equipment is ideal for residential projects, while the larger machines are great for commercial or industrial flooring. You'll enjoy the ways we've incorporated handles to make moving the machine easier.

Call1-833-937-5464 / 1-833-WeRKing today to give your floors an even finish.